The Paper Database

A Directory of Every Research Paper You Will Ever Need

The Paper Database is a tool that allows you to quickly find scientific research papers on human metabolism and obesity by topical area rather than keyword search.  By providing a categorized topic by topic, list by list directory of every single human clinical research paper ever published* on nutrition, weight management, metabolism, exercise science, psychology, and behavioral economics as it relates to human obesity we allow you to easily find and access the information you need to do your work.

How The Paper Database Works

Painstakingly Curated Lists of Scientific Papers by Topic Area

Who The Paper Database is For

And What We Hope to Accomplish by Creating It

What The Paper Database is Not

Bro Science, Super Fitness, and Animal Research is not Included

Why Use The Paper Database

Finding the Right Research is Tedious and Time Consuming

*We are making every effort to find, categorize, and link out to every paper that has an electronic record.  At this time we are unable to scour the literature for papers found in hardcopy form only.