Who The Paper Database is For

The focus of The Paper Database is to provide students, teaching faculty, personal trainers, nutritionists, bloggers, journalists, and other health practitioners the best science (of both past and present) to make a meaningful impact on the people they work with and serve.

What We Hope to Accomplish:
We have two primary goals:

  1. To make your job easier
  2. To increase the level of professionalism in the field of health and wellness

Google Scholar and PubMed can be great for finding individual papers but more often than not they lead you to opening more windows and tabs than you can keep track of and so far down the “rabbit hole” of following citations that you forgot what you were looking for in the first place!  And if you do happen to have a paper saved on your computer in your reference manager (i.e. EndNote) or general file folders you can’t remember where you stored it or who the first author was and even if you could remember, the search function on your computer is virtually worthless for finding the paper anyways. 

The Paper Database’s system of organization isn’t perfect but we hope that it will save you from some of the aggravation that comes with not being able to find what you are looking for.   We know how it feels to spend hours looking for information that should only take you minutes.  It sucks.

Having ALL of the papers on metabolism and weight management allows us to “speak the same language”.  All too often health professionals end up relying on cherry picked evidence or the biased accounts of peers, marketers or other “industry leaders” instead of what the science actually says.  There is no better way to increase your professionalism and hold your peers accountable than to read the primary literature on metabolism and weight management.

In an era of fake news and anti-truth, we all need to do our part in reading and understanding the primary literature to be the best professionals that we can possible be.

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